About Me – Mike Gould

All my life I have been very interested in sport, competing at local club level in various sports up to national level in canoe slalom, this allows me to relate to the athletes point of view. I became interested in musculoskeletal injuries and rehabilitation during my time at college, and went on to study Sports Therapy at the University of Northampton, where I gained a BSc Sports Therapy degree (Hons).

To date I have worked with a variety of athletes and people from a number of sporting backgrounds, ranging from amateur football players to professional sports competitors.  I have also worked with a number of sports clubs covering games and training session to non sporting people with everyday aches and pains.

Some of the Clubs and athletes I have worked with are:   Northampton Saints rugby team, elite long distance runners and triathletes, professional hourse riders, local amateur football clubs and a variety of charity events.  These are just a small example, there are a vast array of people and different sports I have also had experience treating.

I am a fully qualified Graduate Sports Therapist (GST) and a full member of the Sports Therapy Association (STA).