Kids Running & Movement Analysis

In a biomechanical analysis for kids, we analyse your child’s running technique using video analysis and analyse their movement using Dynamic Movement Skills® kids’ analysis. This will allow us to identify any inefficiencies that could cause injury or prevent your child from moving and running faster. Discover how we can help your child to reduce their risk of injury, improve their efficiency and get the most out of activities and sport.
We believe that we must focus initially on how to move and then how to run. To determine your child’s starting point, we begin with an analysis where we look at both the overall movement and co-ordination of the child as well their running technique. This is used to set a benchmark and to identify where the key improvements can be made.

Not all children are natural movers. They develop at different growth rates and this can affect their movement & running ability. The Movement & Running Analysis for Kids is 45 minutes in length and is suitable for kids aged 6-14 years old and of all abilities – from very sporty kids to those who are not confident in activity and sport.

FROM £75.00

To Book Please contact Mike, the Running sessions are not available to book through the booking system due to availabilty of the gym.